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      <page pageid="2033" ns="0" title="Recoil">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">'''Recoil'''


[[Category:Торговые марки]]</rev>
      <page pageid="2034" ns="0" title="Recoil RED 1000.1">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">'''Recoil RED 1000.1''' - автомобильный [[Усилитель мощности|усилитель мощности]] марки [[Recoil]].

==Краткие технические характеристики==

Credits: slimthug4 from Forum&lt;ref&gt;[ Усилитель '''Recoil RED 1000.1''' на '''AmpGuts''']&lt;/ref&gt;


File:RecoilRED10001-6164.jpg|Recoil RED 1000.1 inside
File:RecoilRED10001-6165.jpg|Recoil RED 1000.1 inside
File:RecoilRED10001-6166.jpg|Recoil RED 1000.1 inside
File:RecoilRED10001-6167.jpg|Recoil RED 1000.1 outside
File:RecoilRED10001-6168.jpg|Recoil RED 1000.1 outside
File:RecoilRED10001-6169.jpg|Recoil RED 1000.1 outside



[[Category:Усилители Recoil]]</rev>